Systems Classroom

K-8 systems thinking scope and sequence (created by Tim Taber)
Ideas for developing  systems culture in the classroom…
  • Thinking Wall
  • Chautauqua
  • Classroom Newspaper (Blog)

What is a Thinking Wall?

A thinking wall in our classroom is a visual representation of an ongoing conversation taking place throughout the school year. It is a place where students can link systems thinking with artifacts they find and display on the wall.  Our goal in a larger context is to understand interdependencies, complexity, and the promotion of positive change.

What is chautauqua?

The purpose of our daily student led chautauqua is to edify and entertain, to showcase  diverse interests and talents, to develop a strong sense of community and support, and to build upon ongoing conversations.
Chautauqua Ideas:
  • current event or systems thinking example from the real world
  • share an artifact from the Thinking Wall
  • play the piano, saxophone, or guitar
  • share an example of environmental stewardship
  • read a poem or passage from a book
  • show and discuss a connection circle you made
  • slide show you made on
  • show a drawing you like or one you drew

Classroom Newspaper: The Big Picture (Blog)
Newspaper contributions are accepted weekly. Students will make sure that their final copy has been edited by a second person, saved to their account, and sent via email to their student editor for publication.
Article categories…

  • Biographies- Memoirs
  • Chautauqua summary
  • Imaginative story
  • Platypus page
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Socratic seminar reflections
  • Thinking wall description


  1. The level of the thinking and use of tools in the photos is impressive. Teachers and students can benefit from the photos of students using systems tools and habits of thinking as a part of their class culture.
    Thank you for sharing your work.
    Dorothy Geary

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